Monday, March 25, 2013


One Wednesday two abandoned puppies were found in the garden of of Veronika and Lennon who own Healing with Horses in Buccoo. I was at the stables next door when their house guest brought the pups across. Two little children who were there for horse riding began to play with them.  I said to the children: "Let's name them" The little girl pointed to the brown and black one and said "Ramona." She then looked at the black one, pondered a bit and said: "Seal."

Ramona and Seal came home with me that night, as the TTSPCA was closed by the time I was ready to go home. I woke in the morning to find them curled up together, fast asleep on the welcome mat—exhausted after what looked like a night of moving small objects (like slippers) around the living room. Later that morning, I took them outside to run around the pool. Ramona, thinking she could take a short cut by running across the pool to meet me on the other side, plunged straight into the water. At the sight of that wet, terrified little face with eyes fixed on mine, paddling frantically to reach me, I fell in love. Unfortunately, I was unable to keep them ... but I vowed that I would find someone to adopt both of them together, as they were so close.

That day I took them to TTSPCA where they were wormed and de-flead. That day I also posted a photo on Facebook—of Ramona, wet and innocent, wrapped in a tea towel after her plunge into the pool. So cute was the photo that various people also found her endearing. A friend of mine in Trinidad said that she would adopt them, and would take them in May when she moved to a new abode with a bigger garden. In the meantime, Ramona and Seal have been at TTSPCA, waiting for May when I will take them to Trinidad in the ferry.

From time to time I go to the TTSPCA, take them out of their cage (which is quite spacious) and spend time playing with them in the puppy run (socializing them so they don't feel abandoned). One day a friend and I took them on an outing to the beach (getting them accustomed to the larger world). Recently children from my children's yoga class went to play with them and one other puppy and we did a photo shoot. They are little celebrities in their own right. I take photos of them whenever I go to visit and, inevitably, there's always some story to go with it (mainly courtesy Ramona, who is the more affectionate and camera-ready of the two).

Hopefully through Ramona and Seal's photos and their overall story, more people will be moved to go and visit the TTSPCA, play with the animals there and, ultimately, give them loving homes.

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